Internet Marketing:

Meta tags are used to communicate information about the web page. There are several different meta tags that are used for various purposes. We will discuss two meta tags in this document: Description, and keyword meta tags.

The description meta tag has an important use when it comes to some search engines. There are many search engines that will index your site automatically. Some of these search engines allow for a short description to be placed in their web page. If the search engines is looking in your web page for a description meta tag, it will use this description in the search index.

The keyword meta tag has another important use when it comes to some search engines. When these auto robot search engines index your site, some will look for a keyword meta tag to use as index words. When someone uses their search engine and searches on a word that is in your keyword meta tame list, your site will be included in the output search results.

We use meta tags in all of our webpages and submit your pages to over 100 search engines free of charge when we create your website so that other people around the world will be able to search for your site with ease!